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(Last update: 17 February 2023)

Filmmakers for Future reaches 1000 signatures

17 February 2023 in Press Releases

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We are Filmmakers because we love to tell stories. We are for Future, so we don’t become the story.
Even without superheroes - what we can create in cinema, we can also achieve in real life. Our biggest problem can also be the solution: us.
Instead of changing the climate let's change the way we work. More than 1,000 filmmakers from around the world have already joined our cause and signed our statement. You want to get involved as well? Look no further!

This voluntary commitment is not a certificate or a free pass to stop thinking about our actions.
With your signature you show your commitment and signal that the climate crises is real and important to you.
Signing can therefore only be a start. For a concrete plan to act and produce more sustainably we at Filmmakers for Future recommend seeking advice from local green consultants.

We are grateful to all signatories who support this ideal and strive to improve their environmental impact. Because whether in front of or behind the camera, team cinema or couch, popcorn sweet or salty: We must unite and act together! Let's change before the climate changes in even more threatening ways.

If you enjoy telling stories, join in on the biggest one:

Us against the climate crisis.