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#Filmmakers4Future - Filmmakers for Future

Director: Lars Jessen

12th March 2021 19:30 UTC +1

Direction and "green"? How does that come together? Lars tells us how much influence the director has on the sustainability of the entire production process.

Hands-on talks Director Online

Costume Designer: Tini Fetscher

19th March 2021 19:30 UTC +1

Many have already heard about the grim environmental impact of the fashion industry. Tini tells us how to significantly improve the footprint in the costume department. One thing is for sure: She won't spin a yarn!

Hands-on talks Costume Designer Online

Post Production: Carsten Schuffert

26th March 2021 19:30 UTC +1

The last step in film production - when the (hopefully sustainably!) shot material arrives at this point, a surprising amount of "green" is possible! Carsten tells us what all that is.

Hands-on talks Post Production Online

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