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As artists, employees and freelancers in the motion picture industry, we stand in solidarity with the Fridays for Future movement and support the demands of the striking students.

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Statement by Filmmakers for Future on the protests for more climate and environmental protection

#Filmmakers4Future - Filmmakers for Future

We are deeply impressed by the peaceful protests and the debates that the students have sparked.

Fiction and visual storytelling in general have the ability to construct realities, which is why we as filmmakers have a special responsibility to society. This applies not only to the stories we tell, but also to the way our industry works.

Filmmakers for Future considers itself a subgroup of Artists for Future and Workers for Future because our responsibility has two origins:

As artists, we have the means to create awareness about the climate crisis and to influence public discourses through our work and our themes. We pledge to use the publicity available to us to further pressure decision-makers to protect our environment by speaking up about this topic at every possibility we get.

In our role as an industry, we have the duty to carry out our productions in a climate-friendly manner. We therefore support initiatives like the Green Production Guide, Ecoprod, the Green Film Initiative and the Green Screen of the European Union and demand that the production companies we work for take environmental protection and the ecological balance of a production into account as a vital part of their planning for every project. If they don't we will point it out to them - again and again.

If we want to continue having a planet worth living on, climate and environmental protection must become an essential part of our lives and our society. We must learn to live in harmony with nature and stop exploiting it beyond its limits, otherwise we destroy the very foundation that makes human life on earth possible. We cannot stress enough how important it is to listen to scientists on this issue and take their research seriously. This concerns all of us, so please join your local climate movement and be aware of this issue. Don't look away in times of fake news and scientific hostility, instead, help us fight for a future worth living for.

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