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Tini Fetscher - Costume Designer

09 February 2021 in Events - Online - Talks

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The Talk

Many have already heard about the grim environmental impact of the fashion industry. Tini tells us how to significantly improve the footprint in the costume department. One thing is for sure: She won't spin a yarn!

Date: 19th March 2021 19:30 UTC +1
Price: Free

Our Guest

Picture of Korina Gutsche
  • Tini Fetscher was born in 1978 in Freudenstadt.
  • 2005 graduated from the international fashion school ESMOD in Munich
  • 2007 after her first internship in the film industry she fell in love with the profession and had nothing else in mind
  • In 2018 she then had the desire to apply her sustainable private life to her professional life as well.

About the series

Green shooting? Exactly what is that? We've all heard of it, but few of us have actually tried it.
Filmmakers for Future invites professionals with experience in various trades to tell us first-hand exactly how "green filmmaking" works in their field. In conversations that you can follow from the comfort of your couch, knowledge will be made accessible. Of course you can also ask questions!

Green filmmaking is a challenge we all face, but above all it is an opportunity to take change into our own hands.
With this series of talks, we want to show you what can be done and encourage you to take your learnings with you into your everyday working life.


This first season of talks (including this one) will be held in German. However, future ones in English are expected to follow.

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