Coding Guidelines

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(Last update: 08 June 2019)

Language and Terminology

For now please refere to Terminology, Power and Oppressive Language.

Repositories in our GitHub organization

The default branch of our repositories is called main.

Master-slave is an oppressive metaphor that will and should never become fully detached from history. 1

Even though there technically is no master-slave relationship in a git repository, the word can still be understood in this context and since main is just as good a description for our purposes, we decided to name it that way hoping people will feel more confortable this way.

In case it bothers no one, it will at least encourage reflection on some established technical terms & metaphors and their roots.


  1. Terminology, Power and Oppressive Language, Link

Code of Conduct

Our general code of conduct (which also applies to our GitHub repositories) can be found here.