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(Last update: 05 June 2020)


Our groups can be found at If you use any kind of social network you will proably feel right at home.
You can create an account directly on the site.

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Please join our groups and get involved!

Invite your colleagues

Help us spread the word by sharing our initiative with your colleagues and friends working in the industry!
You can use our Invite Tool to assist you. It has a template to help you get started, but of course you can also write your own message.

Filmmakers for Future on Crew United

If you are in a country where Crew United is used as a cv and networking platform, you can add Filmmakers for Future (Fm4F) as an association to your profile. This way your colleagues can directly see who they can team up with and companies can easily search for crew members for green productions.

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Once you have signed the statement, you may use the logos offered below to communicate this. You may also use them to link to us. However, you may not express your views "on behalf" of Filmmakers for Future beyond the statement.

svg (rgb) · png (rgb) · pdf (cmyk) · eps (cmyk)
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The Filmmakers for Future logo was designed by Felix Janz. Thank you!


Posters are a good way to increase our visibility. Displayed in equipment rentals or production companies, they encourage employees and customers to engage.

Sign now! - Poster
pdf (A3 - 3mm bleed) · pdf (A4 - 3mm bleed)

As always with printed materials: Print only what you need and use service providers that produce ecologically.

Social media and press

Graphics for social media networks and press articles.

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Stickers for self-printing

Please do not put these stickers on other people's property without their consent.

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